New Moon in Libra

At the end of every shrine rite, I tie the doors closed with a red ribbon.


A joyful year in the shrine of Alewife Brook

This ribbon is theĀ seshed band, a Kemetic Orthodox amulet given by the King over the New Year’s holiday. Historical seshed bands were often metal circlets bearing the uraeus, however they could also be made of linen (often red) and given as gifts to favored courtiers. In the Kemetic Orthodox practice, the Nisut (AUS) will write wishes onto each end of the seshed band. For myself, I wished for a healthy and joyful year.

Turns out to get that you have to work for it.

My physical body has been much happier of late, but my emotional self is processing a great deal of change. I’ve changed behaviors, cut and edited bits of who I am, lost friends and gained new ones. I’ve moved house, started living with people who are chosen-family, and am now in the process of moving away from the industry I love to a career path better suited to my emotional needs.

Sometimes I feel like I have edited so much of who I was that I can’t find my core self anymore. And with that thought, the Unseen comes knocking. Constant reminders of what I have neglected need not be a punishment, but an urge to get back on the right path. For me, that comes in the form of re-growing my spiritual life (which I have been working on since Wep Ronpet came and went) and my creative life.

My need to survive trumped my calling for years. My last post on this blog was about my work as a scribe, which I have long since neglected. Earlier this week, I drafted a poem. I’ve started working on a base for my new Wepwawet icon, which I intend to paint after inscribing with hieroglyphs. I recently started fiddling sculpey, and with beads. Yesterday, I carved and dressed a candle to formalize my intentions to create.


Lavender for peace, rosemary for protection, honey for sweetness

Today, I am writing a blog post.

I’ve had a lot on Seen world influence to move back to myself. My friends in the House of Netjer – Ubenetsenu, Rev. Sobeqsenu, and Neshnytyinepu deserve special mention; my supportive if confused nestmates Ryan and Robin; Chani Nicolas and Beth Maiden who have become my inspiration from a far. Thank you all for your support.


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